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The "Yes, God" Rosary

No-one and nothing can stop you from doing what matters most in this life... no boss, no committee, no law or regulation, no loved one, no enemy.

Frustration rises in us when we are kept from what we want to do. "Let's do what I want to do." Let's do it my way." It looks good to us. But others don't always see it our way. They do their own thing. And if we are not careful, we get bothered about it, and start seeing the people that get in our way as enemies. Frustration is a part of life; the world does not always say "Yes" to us. (If it's any comfort, the world doesn't always say "Yes" to God either!)

Here is an invitation to a frustration-free zone, the "Yes, God" rosary. Sharing life with God, ongoing personal transformation, and loving service to others are things that really matter. Heaven is sharing life with God. God's bottom line while we are in this world is bringing about change that equips us to share his life. Loving service to others is a key means by which God transforms us and makes us more like his son Jesus. In sharing God's life, in cooperating with him in transformation, in serving others, we are saying "Yes, God". That "Yes" gets deeper as we get to know God more.

And no boss, no committee, no law or regulation, no loved one, no enemy can get in the way of our saying "Yes" to God with our lives. There is only one person who can get in the way... ourself. We kid ourselves that other things are more important, that something out there has to be changed. But God's way of changing the world is to change people first, getting them to say "Yes, God". Then he can use them for his high purposes. And history has countless examples of people that have cooperated with God and made this a better world.

Which brings us to the rosary. And the "Yes, God" rosary.

Mary is honored by the Church because she said "Yes" to God in his deepest plan. Her role in the Church is to point us to Jesus through demonstrating the power of the human cooperating fully with the divine. We do not worship Mary. She, like us, is a creature of God. But we venerate her; we celebrate the beauty of a human life put fully at the disposal of God, a life that reaches the heights of a consistent "Yes" of a beloved creature to its holy Creator.

The rosary is usually completed in five "decades" a day. It takes three sets of five decades to complete all fifteen decades or sets of ten prayers. Each decade is meant to focus us on a particular "mystery", an aspect of God's dealings with us. There are many ways of approaching the rosary. Here is yet another way of reflecting on the fifteen mysteries, a way that I have called the "Yes, God" rosary. In each reflection (the time in which we say the Lord's prayer, ten repetitions of the "Hail Mary", and a "Glory be to the Father..."), we look for ways in which a human says "Yes" to God and listen for echoes in which God says "Yes" to us. Here is a bare outline. You take it further with the insights that God gives to you, as you say your "Yes" to him.

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