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Summa Thologican, Part II-II (Secunda Secundae), by St. Thomas Aquinas
      QUESTION 1

OF FAITH (In Ten Articles)

Having to treat now of the theological virtues, we shall begin with Faith, secondly we shall speak of Hope, and thirdly, of Charity.

The treatise on Faith will be fourfold: (1) Of faith itself; (2) Of the corresponding gifts, knowledge and understanding; (3) Of the opposite vices; (4) Of the precepts pertaining to this virtue.

About faith itself we shall consider: (1) its object; (2) its act; (3) the habit of faith.

Under the first head there are ten points of inquiry:
  1. Whether the object of faith is the First Truth?
  2. Whether the object of faith is something complex or incomplex, i.e. whether it is a thing or a proposition?
  3. Whether anything false can come under faith?
  4. Whether the object of faith can be anything seen?
  5. Whether it can be anything known?
  6. Whether the things to be believed should be divided into a certain number of articles?
  7. Whether the same articles are of faith for all times?
  8. Of the number of articles;
  9. Of the manner of embodying the articles in a symbol;
  10. Who has the right to propose a symbol of faith?

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