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The following articles appeared in Autumn 1998 issues of The Troubador, the student newspaper at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. The articles were part of a regular column by Dr. Douglas Lowry of the Department of Accounting and Business.
Date of Publication Title
September 11, 1998 Cardinal Newman and Franciscan University
September 18, 1998 An Educated Person
September 25, 1998 The "Yes, God" Rosary
October 2, 1998 Invitation to Learning
October 9, 1998 Mission: To Belong
October 16, 1998 Mission: To Focus
October 23, 1998 Mission: To Discover
October 30, 1998 Mission: To Serve
November 6, 1998 Ten Steps Toward Unity
November 13, 1998 Marriage
December 4, 1998 A Tale of Two Styles

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