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Preferences may be set to control three aspects of the results of a search.

[1] How many results do you wish to see at a time? Ten "hits" is the most common choice. But you may select 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100. It's up to you.

[2] At what point does the separation among words make them useless to get at meaning. We all know of search engines that promise millions of hits. No person has ever yet looked at this quantity of search results for the simple reason that most of them are of no value. This option puts a lid on the number of hits produced. Proximity search focuses only on those most likely to yield the meaning you are after. If you do not set preferences, the system uses 25 as the "default". The lower the number, the fewer hits are found. Even at the highest choice (100), the number of hits is much more likely to be kept to a reasonable level and to contain relatively more useful results. **

[3] Normally, results are shown to you in relevance ranked order. There may be times when you would prefer them in the original order in which they are found within the bookshelf that you are searching; then select "Bookshelf order".

Preferences work only if your browser permits "cookies".

** Note: Proximity applies only to situations in which you want ALL of a series of terms... this one AND that one AND the other one. Proximity is meaningless when selecting this term OR that term, or this term AND NOT that one. In much the same way in advanced search, proximity is applied to "must include" combinations, but not to the others.

Why another search engine? Here is why.

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