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Extended boolean OR combinations

The advanced search page has four blocks, each of them a strengthened version of simple search. One option is to combine blocks so that the result contains the terms in either one OR the other block. This is used to broaden a search, particularly when there is uncertainty over which of several terms might be used within the desired records. Example:

The extended boolean OR is invoked between any two blocks by selecting the Alternative search option in the arrow / drop-down box between the blocks. In the example, select "Alternative search" between the first two blocks and again between the last two blocks. Join the second and third blocks by "Must include". The results will include at least one of dignity, worth, value, honor, honour, or (the phrase) religious freedom, along with at least one other word such as persecute, persecution, martyr, martyrs, martyrdom, repress, repression, dictator, dictatorship, totalitarian, or some other variation of the word parts in blocks three or four.

The advanced search option is set up with four blocks, each of which is a full search specification of up to 15 words. In your use of this system, should you ever find four blocks insufficient, contact us. The program can actually handle up to ten blocks. We shortened the layout to keep it from seeming too complex.

Why another search engine? Here is why.

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