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Words CloseTogether bookshelves normally let you search headings and text at the same time. Headings are typically titles of books, chapters, and sections within chapters. Headings tell about the topic in the text. They are therefore useful to get at meaning. Words in headings are treated as if they are adjacent to all the words in the text below. Therefore when you search for Headings and Text, you may see some words highlighted in the headings at the top and others in the text below. Other times, the words may be found only in the text, or only in the headings.

Headings and Text is standard in regular search.

There may be times when you wish to control whether just headings or just text are searched. This option is available in Advanced Search.

Suppose G.K. Chesteron mentions himself by name, as he does in his report on the debate with George Bernard Shaw. Entering "Chesterton" as a single search term calls up thousands of records, since as author his name shows up in many headings. To get at records in which Chesterton mentions himself, click on the link to Advanced Search, input the word Chesterton in the first edit box, select Text Only in the option below the edit box, then click on the Advanced Search button. A much smaller number of hits will appear... only those in which Chesteron has included his name in the text.

Do you remember some words, but not a title? Again on the Advanced Search page, enter the words and select Headings Only. If you have the words right and it is within the bookshelf that you are searching, the heading you seek will appear.

Headings Only and Text Only both have the effect of narrowing a search; fewer records are called up in comparison to Headings and Text.

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