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Browsing the Table of Contents and the Bookshelf

If you click on the "Browse Table of Contents " button, you are shown the list of top-level headings in the bookshelf currently selected. For example, if the current bookshelf is "Vatican II 16 documents combined", a list of 16 documents appears. Especially long headings may be cut short in this list.

Each line is preceded by a boxed plus sign and a magnifying glass . Click on the boxed plus sign to expand an entry by showing the next level of headings. There may be several levels of headings, for example -- (1) collection, (2) document or book, (3) chapter, (4) section within chapter, (5) individual paragraph(s). At the lowest level there are no more boxed plus signs, only the magnifying glass.

Click on a magnifying glass to browse the content of the bookshelf. If you choose magnifying glass beside a heading that has not been expanded, you will be shown the first paragraph(s) under that heading.

Paragraphs are shown under the full stack of headings that apply. In the above example, four headings would be shown -- (1) collection, (2) document or book, (3) chapter, (4) section within chapter. Depending on how your computer is set, you may see all the current paragraph(s) at once, or you may need to scroll down to see the later part.

To read continuously, click on the "Next" button after reading each screenful. (The "Previous" button is there as a convenience if you wish to go back.) If you read all the way to the end, when you click on "Next" you will be taken to the beginning of the current bookshelf.

A Flash tutorial movie is available to demonstrate all of the above.

Why another search engine? Here is why.

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