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All of the words, any of the words, or exact phrase

If you specify more than one word in a simple search, you will be shown records that contain all of those words.

Advanced search gives more control.

Exact phrase is a variation of "all of the words" that selects findings in which all the words appear together in the same order that they were entered, with no waste words intervening. If you specify "that they may be one", you will get only those records with those words in that order. All the words is actually a more powerful search, because it calls up exact phrases AND "inexact phrases", variations in which one or more waste words may appear. As long as these words are fairly close together, there is a strong chance that they will still get at the meaning that you want. Relevance ranking in Words CloseTogether works to give you the exact phrases first, then the variations in order of increasing numbers of waste words.

Any of the words produces a quite different result. The list of records found is much longer. Don't use it for common words; a search on any of the words "that they may be one" would snowball into a massive number of records (and be utterly useless). The "any of the words" option is a boolean OR within a group of words. Use it only when you want to get at an idea through any one word among a variety of words that might be present, for example: ask, beg, plead, grovel.

Why another search engine? Here is why.

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