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Extended boolean AND NOT combinations

The advanced search page has four blocks, each of them a strengthened version of simple search. One option is to identify words, word roots, or exact phrases that you do NOT want in the search results. This is used to narrow a search when the terms that you have entered in the first block(s) on the "advanced search" page lead to results that are clearly off topic.

For example, if you enter "bat night" as search terms, do you want information about small mammals that live in caves and catch bugs midair using radar-like squeaks? Or, do you have in mind after-dark baseball games? Simply enter terms that you don't want in an "any of the words" group, and join this block to those above by selecting the Exclude option in the arrow / drop-down box between the blocks.

The boolean AND NOT option reduces the number of hits in a search result. It helps to focus a search and make it more precise.

Why another search engine? Here is why.

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