A Request from CatholicFind.com.

CatholicFind.com needs content ... solid Catholic documents. The top priorities:

  1. Permission: There are many excellent documents available on the Internet -- everything from encyclicals to bibles to historical and scholarly works. What is missing are clear permissions on what may be freely used, in our case, to build into collections for learning, search, and research. Examples: Both the Vatican and EWTN (the Eternal Word Television Network) have excellent collections. But at both those sites there are copyright claims which raise questions on the right to use them as we envision. Other sites have good material (for example, the Revised Standard Version Bible shows up in many places, but it is not clear that the use is authorized.) So clear permission from people who have the right to grant permission for each set of data is the top priority.
  2. Access: We are after good quality computerized versions of the documents. A document is high quality if it is pertinent to the Catholic faith, conformable to the teachings of the Magisterium, untampered (faithful to the original), reasonably free of typographical errors, and in a consistent computer format. [That disqualifies on every count documents such as the Schaff version of the Early Church Fathers.]
  3. Time: With permission and a document in hand, we need time to put it into a tagged text format as described at MarpX.com. At Marpex Inc., we want to keep our focus primarily on enhancing the tools for learning and research. This means that we have to organize other people to get content ready.
  4. Support for student labor: We invite you to make charitable donations to Franciscan University of Steubenville. If you choose to designate gifts with the word CatholicFind, our hope is that the university will point some of its SWOP (Student Work Opportunity Program) students at the task of data preparation. That's both a learning opportunity for the students, and a bit of help for them financially.
  5. Volunteers: CatholicFind.com is a no-money-exchanged non-profit project, but the satisfaction and faith rewards appear unlimited!
    • If you are good at text editing and formatting with a standard word processor, and if you would like to clean up some documents without payment, that would be most helpful.
    • If you are a qualified C++ programmer, you could make a wonderful contribution in automating cleanup for various kinds of documents.

    When ready, we plan to introduce the ability to conduct research (do text data mining) and precision filtered search across the entire collection, no matter how large it gets.

    The creativity behind the MarpX research and learning tools flows directly from worship and the sacramental life. The project is inspired by, and dedicated wholly to, our Lord Jesus Christ. Its underlying drive is to help people learn and get at meaning.

    If you can be involved in any way, please get in touch.


    Douglas Lowry
    Professor of Business and Marketing (ret.)
    Franciscan University of Steubenville