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NewAdvent.org Index to the Catholic Faith February 20, 2015 If you downloaded between Tuesday, Feb 17 and Friday, Feb 20, please download again. Ashes and repentance -- The good copy did not have blanks removed from the file name, so you would have received an older version.

NewAdvent.org Index to the Catholic Faith is an ebook with a difference. This ebook is literally an index to the Christian faith, intended for anyone who wishes to learn or to communicate some aspect of belief and faith, understood from a Catholic perspective. The index retains the look, feel, and simplicity of use of a back-of-the-book index. Use a standard ebook reader app together with this ebook on your phone or tablet. Your mobile device instantly becomes a powerful research tool. The research work has been done for you in advance. Select any topic, and you will see up to 50 references which are likely right on target. Beside any reference, touch the link and your browser will take you to the full document, hosted online at www.NewAdvent.org.

This ebook opens access to the massive collection of documents at www.NewAdvent.org, where you will find the writings of the Early Church Fathers, Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, the Douay-Rheims Bible, the complete Catholic Encyclopedia, and papal writings from Leo XIII to John Paul II. The content is made available through the courtesy of webmaster Kevin Knight. The underlying technology is by Marpex Inc.

This ebook is a work in process. Some of these over 31,000 computer-generated entries, sub, and sub-sub-entries are (frankly) silly. For example, "City | York | Newness" will be replaced in the next version by "New York City". Proper handling of phrases is the next item on our agenda, and will make the next release more meaningful. Please read the "News" page with each latest version that you download. This free beta release can assist in your research or learning. Follow your interests! Enjoy!

More information to follow! For now, download either the standard epub version or the Kindle / mobi version. All you need is a tablet or mobile phone or computer, an ebook reader app (free with most devices), this ebook, and access to the Internet.